Mothership Zeta Hiatus After Issue 6

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Hello everyone,

We have good news and bad news.

Let’s do bad news first; Mothership Zeta is being placed on hiatus after issue 6. No work has been purchased for issue 7 yet, so we won’t be letting any authors down. Anyone with subscriptions that continue past issue 6 will be offered a refunded, or can choose to wait out the hiatus.

That’s the bad news.

The good news? MZ isn’t going away.

We believe in the magazine and, at WorldCon in particular we were given ample proof that our readers and writers do too. The team at MZ have done extraordinary work in bringing new writers to their first pro sale and helping bring diverse new voices to genre.

That’s going to continue. We just need to figure out how. Hence the hiatus. We’re taking a look at alternate funding models (yes, including Patreon, we hear you), whether the magazine will work better with a higher frequency of publication and what, if anything we need to add to the mix.

In short, we’re putting MZ in dry dock for a refit, not breaking it down for parts. We’ll have news for you once it’s ready to relaunch and believe us, we won’t be bashful.

Be Mighty,
Mur Lafferty, Editor in Chief
Karen Bovenmyer, Assistant Editor, Nonfiction

PS- Issue 5 is coming soon!