Mothership Zeta: Issue Six is out!

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Cover by Elizabeth Leggett

It’s time for the sixth quarterly issue of Mothership Zeta, featuring another beautiful cover from Elizabeth Leggett.

As always, in the coming months we’ll be bringing you some of the content from the zine, for free. If you want all the awesome content we offer, you can buy individual issues for a mere $2.99 at the following locations:

And the Table of Contents:

  • Editorials by Mur Lafferty and Karen Bovenmyer
  • Fiction: Thursday in the Ice Fortress of Zelatharia the Terrible by Sarah Crowe
  • Nonfiction: No Longer Hidden by Alex Acks
  • Fiction: The Remora by Matthew Claxton
  • Nonfiction: Repositories of Wonder by Jeremy Brett
  • Fiction: The Mango Tree by Shveta Thakrar
  • Nonfiction: The Story Doctor Is (In) by James Patrick Kelly
  • Fiction: Legendary Legend of the Darkly’s Slayer by J. R. Dawson
  • Fiction: Fairies and Tails by S. Zahedi
  • Fiction: Montreal, 2014 by Madeline Ray
  • Nonfiction: Review: Joe M. McDermott’s The Fortress at the End of Time by David Simms
  • Fiction: Over and Over Until the End by Miranda Suri
  • Fiction: Aeternum by Anna F. Humphrey
  • Convention List