One week down, one to go. (More or less)

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The response to Mothership Zeta’s launch has been overwhelming! We’re getting lots of stories so far, as of July 20 we have over 440 stories submitted, and we still have five days of open submissions left!

A couple of things:

  • If we find more awesome stories that will fill Issue 1, we will still buy them and place them in another issue.
  • If you like the idea of fun fiction, remember that there’s another venue looking for it: our sister podcast, Escape Pod, wants fun science fiction, so check them out!
  • We have gotten some exciting and unexpected stories, and I can say no more until the issue comes out, but I’m super excited.
  • Mur, Sunil, Karen, and our publisher, Alasdair Stuart, will be at WorldCon in Spokane this year! August 19-23. Come see us!